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Ventura is uniquely situated along the Caliornia coast where mountains meet the sea. Ventura Beach E-Bikes shop is located in the heart of downtown Ventura offering numerous routes for biking adventures. Below you will find some of our favorite rides.


The Ojai Valley Bike Trail

Ojai Bike TrailThis bike trail starts from Ventura Pier Boardwalk and continues up to run parallel with highway 33 to Ojai, 30 miles round trip. There are many fantastic photo opportunities throughout, including: Foster Park, the Hills of Oak View, and beautiful trees along the trail. Ojai is a bike friendly town with a good amount of shops and restaurants to help replenish you before the journey back to Ventura. This bike trail is considered by many as the best in California.


California Coastal Trail

California Coastal TrailThis trail rides along the beachfront from the Ventura Pier up into Carpinteria passing through some of the most beautiful places in the area, including: Seaside Wilderness Park, Mondos Beach, Rincon Beach, and easy access to the Rincon Bike Trail. This 34-mile round trip adventure goes perfect with a packed lunch and a good group of friends. This beautiful coastal ride is one of our top five recommended rides to do.


Pierpont, Ventura Harbor Ride

VenturaHarborBikesThis ride takes you through the beach community of Pierpont and to the Ventura Harbor where you will find numerous shoppng and dining establishments.