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Who We Are

March 2020 for many of us was a line in the sand in terms of life changes. Our family was no different. Rather than thinking about all the things we could't do, we focused on what was possible. Bike rides were one of our ways to get out, take in some fresh air, get some exercise and explore the beautiful city of Ventura. We then stumbled upon SONDORS e-bikes that are designed and engineered just down the coast in Malibu.  We fell in love with them instantly. We could get out and explore like never before. The ride was smooth and comfortable, the distance we could cover was amazing and you could choose to pedal like you were in a spin class or let the bike provide the power for you. We were so impressed with the e-bikes that we decided to setup shop in the heart of Ventura and share our new found passion through rentals and the only "try before you buy" SONDORS shop around. Whether you're an experienced electric bike rider or just curious what all the fuss is about, come down and check out our e-bikes. 



We started with a fleet of 25 SONDORS e-bikes, outfitted them with super comfortable Cloud-9 Cruiser Seats and bolted on racks with custom bags to store your stuff. Every rental comes with a helmet for your safety and a lock in case you decide to stop for lunch somewhere. We have ridden the trails around town and would love to share some tips on where to go, what to see and of course where to eat. We are so confident that you'll have a great time that we're betting that you will come back asking what it costs to purchase your own e-bike.

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Try before you buy

We are the only shop around that has demo bikes on hand for you to take for a spin. EvenSONDORS, the maker of the bikes often directs people interested in buying our way. Come on down and let's find the right e-bike for you.
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Where to ride

We have put together a page dedicated to rides that we have taken and thoroughly enjoy. Whether it's up the coast to Carpenteria, inland to beautiful Ojai or just around town you will be riding in style on a SONDORS E-Bike.